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logoA Conservationist focuses on the proper use of public lands, and takes a managed approach to natural resources and wildlife protection.

A Preservationist wants to stop or put extreme limits on public lands, lock up the natural resources and give priority to wildlife.

The “Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument” designation is a PRESERVATIONIST act, part of a bigger plan to lock up three million acres of New Mexico lands.

It will further damage ranching and farming communities, and reduce recreational opportunities. Jobs and economic benefits will be lost, and border security will be threatened.

The following organizations support a CONSERVATIONIST approach to our public lands, and oppose the extreme measures of the Organ Mountain/ Desert Peaks National Monument Designation.

Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District

Hidalgo Soil and Water Conservation District

Council of Border Conservation Districts

Southwest County Commission Alliance

Farm Credit of New Mexico

Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club

New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau

Doña Ana County Farm and Livestock Bureau

Luna County Farm and Livestock Bureau

New Mexico Four Wheel Drive Group

Elephant Butte Irrigation District

Las Cruces Economic Forum

The Hispanic Chamber of Las Cruces

The Anthony, NM Chamber of Commerce

People for Preserving our Western Heritage

Doña Ana County Sheriff

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

Village of Hatch

Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District

Las Cruces Crawlers Four Wheel Drive group

People for Prosperity

Otero County Farm and Livestock Bureau

Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association

New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association

New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc.


This website is made possible by the financial support of the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau.